Compare and Contrast Writing: Net Fishing for Credibility in the World Wide Web

Comparison and contrast can be a valuable method of writing in a business scenario. Companies need to find ways to prove that the product they sell is the one you should purchase over the competition. Comparing a few products or companies is a way to highlight your strengths and draw attention away from your weaknesses. Writing a comparison is a methodical way of convincing people to upgrade to an updated version or better product. This can be accomplished by showcasing newly enhanced features along side the tired old ones. Blog writing can be another medium in which comparison writing could prove valuable.

Blogs are a proven way to build brand or personal credibility through writing. There are multiple ways to blog, however many people use comparison writing to express their feelings toward a product, or demonstrate their expertise on the subject. Many businesses empower their employees to write posts for their blog. In this scenario, they have the ability to compare their product or company to others using keywords, phrases and links to other sites. In addition, this action also helps them drive traffic through their website to raise the chances that search engines will display them ahead of their competitors. I entered “comparison shopping blog” into the Google search engine to illustrate and solidify both of my points. My search yielded about 1.7 million results. The first result was a blog post that effectively compares Google to Costco (Weinstein). In this article, the author uses the first couple of paragraphs to compare these two mega-companies. She effectively utilizes a key phrase to link to another analyst’s blog post, displaying that Google had an epic 3rd quarter “boasting $9.72 billion in revenue” (Tsotsis). I love that the author uses a number of transitional words and phrases to construct her second paragraph about how Googlegenerates a lot of traffic” like Costco (Weinstein). Not only is this phrase her comparison, it doubles as a key phrase that is linked to the earnings bar graph post on Tech Crunch‘s website (Weinstein)(Tsotsis). Additionally, I have posted this article on my blog in an attempt to link words and phrases to drive traffic, and my peers from school to check out my shiny new blog . Writing in comparison/contrast can be a calculated and tactful way to help your company stand out in the crowd.

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The World Is Mine For The Taking!

I am officially a member of the blogosphere! My name is Jason Foss and I am currently a student of Web Design and Development at IADT online. Right now I am in the beginning stages of my exploration of the design world, and it gets more and more interesting with every piece of knowledge that I acquire. This blog will begin as the base of my personal website I have kept it simple by making my home page into this blog to begin sharing my journey as I move the site forward. My 1st step was to register the domain names of & I am also hosting my site through blue host server. This choice came from the recommendation of the coursework that I am currently studying, but also is the same server that we use for (the website for my son’s youth baseball league of which I am a board member). I will be killing 2 birds with 1 stone by using this server:

  1. I will use blue host to build my personal site & blog which will act as a resume and potential eCommerce site as I learn to develop it further
  2. I will be able to use what I learn building my personal site to grow the Nashua South Cal Ripken site and help grow the league and my resume as I go

This is an exciting time for me. I have found a career path that I truly enjoy & when you “choose a job you love, and you never have to work a day in your life” – Confucius. Now I am learning daily, maintaining a 4.0 on the President’s List at IADT online, and fully aware that the world is mine for the taking!