Gaining Credibility By Embracing Your Competition

Working at my last job as a restaurant manager, I learned a valuable lesson from a Man who embraced Social Media and made a living at it before the rest of the world caught on. Chris Kieff, has been a pioneer in the field of Internet marketing. He was in Nashua, attending what is called a Tweetup through a mutual friend via Twitter. I organized the gathering at the restaurant I was managing at the time. After the event I tweeted a thank you to everyone who attended the function and Chris decided to follow me on Twitter. He was staying in town and the next day he tweeted that he was looking for a nice place to eat while he was staying in Nashua NH. I made three suggestions that I personally love and he took me up on one of them. As a result, this simple human interaction inspired him to write about me in a case study in one of his blog posts.

Chris was inspired to write this article, because he was impressed with the fact that I would steer him toward a competitor. Mr. Kieff went as far as to say “By directing us to a competitor’s business that offered us a great meal, Jay has cemented himself in my mind as someone I can trust”. This interaction was very impactful and shaped my attitude toward the power of social media. Consequently, I realized that respect in Social Media is gained when you communicate with professionals and consumers in a way that is honest and real. Sharing quality information about others costs you nothing and is the one of the many secrets to gaining credibility in the eye of the consumer.