The World Is Mine For The Taking!

I am officially a member of the blogosphere! My name is Jason Foss and I am currently a student of Web Design and Development at IADT online. Right now I am in the beginning stages of my exploration of the design world, and it gets more and more interesting with every piece of knowledge that I acquire. This blog will begin as the base of my personal website I have kept it simple by making my home page into this blog to begin sharing my journey as I move the site forward. My 1st step was to register the domain names of & I am also hosting my site through blue host server. This choice came from the recommendation of the coursework that I am currently studying, but also is the same server that we use for (the website for my son’s youth baseball league of which I am a board member). I will be killing 2 birds with 1 stone by using this server:

  1. I will use blue host to build my personal site & blog which will act as a resume and potential eCommerce site as I learn to develop it further
  2. I will be able to use what I learn building my personal site to grow the Nashua South Cal Ripken site and help grow the league and my resume as I go

This is an exciting time for me. I have found a career path that I truly enjoy & when you “choose a job you love, and you never have to work a day in your life” – Confucius. Now I am learning daily, maintaining a 4.0 on the President’s List at IADT online, and fully aware that the world is mine for the taking!

One thought on “The World Is Mine For The Taking!

  1. I recently started to force myself to work with a multitude of transitions/transitional phrases. Consequently, I look them up and keep them handy when I write. As a result, I improve the flow of what I am trying to say. Before I started doing this, I was using the same ones all the time, which made for a sloppy sounding voice and tone. When I send out final copies of my writing, I now read it aloud 2-3 times. Proofreading allows me to hear the way I sound to the reader, and consider my target audience. I have never read over my first attempt, and not discovered some sort of error to correct.

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